Men's hair trimmer

  • You can quickly trim your hair at home, subvert the buckle design of the limit comb, adopt a new set of sliding limit comb device, two-way design, push and pull, and easily complete the styling.
  • The slider-type positioning comb design can lock the length of the haircut from 3-21mm. When changing the length, just push it gently, and there is no need to replace the limit comb frequently. Even people without any experience can easily get started, just adjust the desired haircut length.
  • The hardness of ceramic is much higher than that of stainless steel, and the friction coefficient of the smooth surface is much smaller than that of stainless steel. The noise of ceramic cutter head products is lower and it is not easy to generate heat.
  • High degree of rotation, long-term use, to meet the needs of different groups of haircuts
  • The parts of the cutter head and positioning comb that touch the skin are rounded to ensure safety and comfort during the haircut.
  • Easy to use, plug and play, you can continue to use it when you connect it to the power supply. It can be connected to common devices such as laptops, computers, and power banks.
  • 1.5 hours of charging, 120 minutes of use. It can be fully charged after 1 hour of charging and can last for 120 minutes.
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