Wooden Back Massage Roller

  • Description: Hand-polished wooden massage roller rope with 36 main large massage wooden beads. which can deeply massage the painful parts of the full body. Smooth handle, durable and strong easy and comfortable to hold. Massage the body easily and quickly with the roller on the massage rope
  • Features: Elastic and stretchable, it can easily accommodate any standard adult or adolescent crutches Through the underarm pads and grip pads, much comfort will provide for you then bring about quick recoveries. Portable personal massage roller rope, you can put it in travel bags, briefcases, drawers, backpacks etc. Target pain and pressure points in your back, and neck. shoulders, feet, arms and other parts of the body. An ideal gift for the old, like your parents, show them your love and concern Reduce stress and anxiety, improve blood circulation, relieves pain, and promote relaxation It is a perfect rolling massage tool especially suitable for games lovers, computer workers, Office workers, drivers, and manual laborers. athletes,