Silicone Cleansing Massage Brush

Product Introduction

This product adopts the brush head manufactured by the silica gel material that passes the authentication of SGS.This product is not prone to causing allergies, is nonpoisonous and harmless, and is with scientific vibration frequency, so it can deep clean the pores, remove blackheads and is a high-tech beauty, body-beauty product that integrates cleaning, massage and introduction as one.

Product Function Introduction

1. Integrate cleaning, massage and introduction as one.
2. There are totally 15 gears for strength-weakness regulation, which is suitable for various people to use.
3. The default gear is the 8th gear when upon start-up, and you can regulate gear according to the strength.
4. You can use 5 hours or so by charging for 2-3 hours.

Using Methods

1. After cleaning the face with warm water, apply the facial cleanser to face or the facial washing brush;
2. Start the cleanser and select suitable strength in accordance with your own preference;
3. Clean the face in circles gently on the face, and 15 seconds or so is suggested for each region;
4. After cleaning the face, you can apply essence or eye cream for introduction so as to lift facial skin;
5. You can use the massage region to massage body parts at ordinary times.
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