Nano Glass Foot File

  • SMOOTH HEELS MADE SIMPLE: If you’re tired of rough pumice stones and ineffective paper nail files, then Heal A Heel’s Foot Files are the cracked heel treatment you’ve been looking for. Each NanoGlass Foot File leaves a smooth, polished edge as it GENTLY and EASILY removes a few layers of skin at a time.
  • EASY TO USE: Our glass foot files feature an ergonomic grip making them easy to hold and control. Simply grab your foot file and gently rub it against your cracked heels to smooth away dry skin, remove calluses, and leave your feet silky soft. Voila, the perfect foot scrub!
  • HASSLE FREE CLEANING: If your foot care routine is taking time away from the things you love, it’s time for a change. That’s why we created our easy-to-clean foot scraper. With a simple 20–30 second wash under the tap, your glass foot file will be as clean as new!
Product size 22.5*5.2*2cm
Product Weight 105g
Packing Size 12*26.5*2.5cm
Packing Weight 156g
Material ABS+ nano glass

Nano Glass Foot File Nano Glass Foot File-2 Nano Glass Foot File-3 Nano Glass Foot File-4 Nano Glass Foot File-5 Nano Glass Foot File-1