Multi-Functional Nose Hair Trimmer

  • Three-dimensional curved blade design: finely designed curved arc blade comfortably fits the skin of the nasal cavity. Capture the nose hair in 360° multiple directions not to hurt the nasal cavity and it is safer.
  • Open Crevice: The stainless steel blade is designed as an open crevice to capture nose hairs in any direction and length and easily trim the nose hair to avoid pulling and tingling.
  • Stainless Steel Washing Head: The stainless steel blade with excellent performance. The clean nose hair trimming head can be directly rinsed with water which is convenient for cleaning and more hygienic.


Product Size 13x 3x 3.5cm
Product Weight 47g
Battery 1*1.5V AA Battery(Not Included)
Packing Size 18x 9x 3.5cm
Packing Weight 87g
Material ABS


Multi-functional nose hair trimmer Multi-functional nose hair trimmer-4 Multi-functional nose hair trimmer-5 Multi-functional nose hair trimmer-6 Multi-functional nose hair trimmer-7 Multi-functional nose hair trimmer-8