Mini Shaver

  • Painless Close Shaving Electric Razor – With 4-directional pivot, the 3D floating heads of the electric razor for men reaches your face at the ideal angle and could adjusts automatically to the contours of your face and neck, creating a smooth contact with your skin. The precision steel blade with double-track ultra thin cutter net design ensures a comfortable and clean shaving experience with this electric razor for men face.
  • Wet and Dry Electric Shavers ​- The 100% whole-body waterproof design ensures the easy and safe using of the men’s rotary shavers whether wet or dry. You can shave wet with gel or foam for extra skin protection, even in the shower under running water or dry for convenience with this electric razor. 
  • Durable Battery Life – 5-minute quick charge gives enough power for one time use. The rechargable electric razors for men can keep use for about 60 minutes after being fully charged and can be used while charing.
  • Ready to use – Mini electric razor just like an egg lying on your palm, can hold it without any need for any force. And even you can put this portable shaver in any pant pockets for ready-to-use which make you always ready-to-go.
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