Flower Facial Massager Roller

  • Jade roller with Duel head roller set: Large roller for forehead, face, and neck, small roller for eyes and nose, the jade roller can promote blood flow and rids of fatiguing toxins, reduces puffiness, eye bags, and dark circles around the eyes making skin more delicate and firm.
  • CAN BE USED ALL OVER YOUR BODY: This incredibly versatile massaging tool can uplift your entire body, including your legs, and forearms. Our jade stone the roller is so easy to use, that adding this skin roller to your routine will be fast and effective.
  • Perfect for all skin types: a visible improvement in skin tightening helps restore skin’s youthful look. After using it, The skin appears younger and firmer, tightened, and lifted.
  • Great Material: This Jade facial roller is Made from 100% natural premium jade stone, which is beneficial to skin beauty and body health, effectively relieves fatigue, improves skin texture, and revitalizes skin. Long lasting, super easy to care for, static-free.
Product Size 15.8*6.3*2.2cm
Package Window box
Material Jade+Aluminum alloy

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