4 Piece Bath Brush Sets

  • Massage Brush: Rejuvenate your skin: When you look great, you feel great. Take a moment for yourself and improve the way your skin looks and feels: all in one simple tool. Our round body brush leaves skin soft, smooth, healthy, and just plain amazing.
  • Pedicure Brush: Foot Pumice Dead Skin Remover Brush, Pedicure Grinding Tool Professional and Attractive Perfect for dry brushing. Exfoliating dead skin promotes blood circulation. Helps to stimulate and promote circulation in the lymphatic system
  • Bath Sponge: Natural Bath Sponge is absorbent and very soft; baby soaps and baby wash allow a rich lather up and rinse out extremely well; excellent baby bath sponges for newborns, toddlers, kids, and adults
Double-Sided Grinding foot brush 17.5*3.5*4cm/56g
Airbag Massage Comb 12.7*7.3*3.8cm/82.5g
Bath Sponge 14.5*10*4.5cm/29g
Round Massage Bath Brush 11*11*3.5cm/160g
Packing Size 36.5*23.3*5cm
Product Weight 538g
Material Wood+Pumice Stone+ Bristle+Superfine Fiber+TPR

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