4 In 1 Men's Grooming Set

  • Floating veneer reciprocating shaver, the cutter head is small and fits the facial skin, the floating cutter head, shaves without dead ends, and the geometric knife net captures all kinds of beards.
  • Sculpting head trims neatly The double-sided smooth cutter head sharply trims messy hairs in multiple parts, creates delicate eyebrows and sideburns, and quickly removes body hairs.
  • Domed head for nose hair The rotating blade is hidden in the stainless steel protective shell, the small diameter cutter head easily extends into the nasal cavity, the front end of the large aperture cutter head + the fast rotating blade captures the nose hair of any direction and length, and repairs the excessively long part, that affects the appearance. The blade does not come into direct contact with the inner skin of the nose hair, so it can be quickly trimmed without pulling the nose hair.