3 Piece Skin Care Set

  • Massage Brush: Rejuvenate your skin: When you look great, you feel great. Take a moment for yourself and improve the way your skin looks and feels: all in one simple tool. Our round body brush leaves skin soft, smooth, healthy, and just plain amazing.
  • Massage Comb Benefit: Improve circulation, remove tension, heal strains and aches, relax the body, comfort the mind, and relieve stress
  • Bamboo Sponge: Relaxing, soothing, and naturally cleansing. Includes loop for hanging and easy drying
Bath Sponge 14.7*10.8*5.5cm/22g
Airbag Massage Comb 12.7*7.3*3.8cm/82.5g
Small Airbag Comb 15*4.8*3cm/38g
Packing Size 27.5*30.8*5.8cm
Product Weight 340g
Material Wood +Superfine Fiber

3 Piece Skincare Set-2 3 Piece Skincare Set-3 3 Piece Skincare Set-4 3 Piece Skincare Set 3 Piece Skincare Set-1