10 In 1 Manicure Set

  • SMALL NAIL CLIPPER: High-quality nail clipper with sharp cutting edges
  • EYEBROW SCISSORS: For trimming eyebrow
  • NAIL FILE: For smoothing the nails
  • Cone Metal Callus Remover: Files and removes hardened skin and comes around the finger and toe, especially for the callus of the hand.
  • Cylinder Coarse Polish Head: Polish the edge of the nail, shape the mail as you like, you can use a long nail edge.
  • Cylinder smooth Shaper: Larger than the Polish Head Polish the nails remove the uneven texture
  • Soft Polishing Felt Cone: Pink Coarse Disk Head Polishes Tail to complete the Polish the compare nail, manicure o pedicure
  • Large nail clipper: Heavy duty toenail clipper blade is sharpened multiple times so it can cut hard and thick nails effortlessly
  • Small nail clipper: High-quality rail with sharp cutting edge
Product Size
nail polisher 16.8cm

nail clipper 5.5cm

bracket file 8.3cm

scissors 9cm file 8*2cm

Package Size
Product Weight
Package Weight

ABS+carbon steel

10 In 1 Manicure Set 10 In 1 Manicure Set-1 10 In 1 Manicure Set-2 10 In 1 Manicure Set-3 10 In 1 Manicure Set-4 10 In 1 Manicure Set-5